Internet Safety - Illinois Mandate

Illinois has mandated internet safety instruction for grades 3 and up. All students should be receiving internet safety training in the following categories: CyberBullying, Social Networking and Personal Safety. The length of time and the way instruction will be delivered has not been mandated, just the topics and grade levels at this time.

More Legalities

ISBE Internet Safety This is the Illinois State Board of Education site and it's direction on Internet Safety Instruction.


Illinois Attorney General Stop CyberBullying
CyberSmart CyberBullying Curriculum
Digizen-Let's Fight it Together Video and Supplemental Materials
Digizen-Cyberbullying Interactive Game
Brainpop - CyberBullying
CyberBullying Not Just Name Calling-Power to Learn Interactive Case Study
Ryan Halligan's Story - Special Ed student who was cyberbullied

Social Networking

CyberSmart Safety Online Curriculum
Social Networking Basics - Ikeepsafe
Social Networking(Don't Give Yourself Away)-Power to Learn Interactive Case Study

Personal Safety

Privacy Playground - Cyber Pigs Adventure (ages 8-10)
Brainpop - Information Privacy
Brainpop - Online Safety
Brainpop Jr - Internet Safety- Best for K-3
ID the Creep - Online Game
Keeping Personal Stuff Private- Power to Learn Interactive Case Study

Kids - General Curriculum

NetSmartz Kids
K-2 NetSmartz Curriculum
3-4 NetSmartz Curriculum
5-6 NetSmartz Curriculum
Supplemental NetSmartz Curriculum Materials
K-1 CyberSmart Curriculum - offline and online activities
2-3 CyberSmart Curriculum - offline and online activities
3-4 CyberSmart Curriculum- offline and online activities
Internet Safety - Professor Garfield
Welcome to the WebA continuing lesson plan that allows you to pick up where you left off (UK)
E-Safety Games
Know it All for Young People
Internet lessons for children with special needs (UK)
Kara Winston and the SMART Crew (UK)
WebWise - What is the internet?(ages 6-10 UK)
ChatWise - Email, Personal Info, Chatting (ages 8-12 UK)
Wild Web Woods (ages 7-10 UK)
FBI- SOS (Safe Online Surfing) Internet information and scavenger hunt set by the FBI and separated by grade level

Teens -General Curriculum

Middle School NetSmartz Curriculum
High School NetSmartz Curriculum
6-8 CyberSmart Curriculum- offline and online activities
9-12 CyberSmart Curriculum- offline and online activities
A Thin LineOnline interactive quiz about internet savvy specifically for teens deals with sexting
E-Safety Games
Common Craft Video: Protecting Reputations Online
How to Recognize Grooming
Know it All for Young People (Ages 11-16)
Kidsmart (UK)

Teacher/Parent Resources

Growing Up Digital - Frontline
Digital Nation- Frontline
Teacher Presentation - Know IT All (UK)

Internet Safety Videos

NetSmartz Real Life Videos
NSTeen Videos
NetSmartzKids Videos
WiredSafety Videos

Special Needs Accommodations

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Social Networking Rules.bm2
Social Networking Rules(BM).pdf
Staying Safe Online.bm2
Staying Safe Online(BM).pdf
Meeting Online Friends.bm2
Meeting Online Friends(BM).pdf
Cyberbully Short.bm2
Cyberbully Short(BM).pdf
Cyberbullying Story.bm2
Cyberbullying Sory(BM).pdf