Most lawyers will tell teachers they should stay away from Facebook. I understand their concerns. Many people are ill equipped to handle Facebook and most do not understand the possible implications of their actions and this can lead to disaster. Teachers believe what they post on Facebook is private and protected by the First Amendment of free speech. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is not the case if you are interacting with students, parents or other teachers and discussing school related topics. It doesn't matter that the posting and communications take place on your private time, you can still be held accountable. Several teachers have already lost their jobs due to this issue. The purpose of this wiki is to educate you on safe ways to communicate via Facebook without friending students and parents and to de-mystify the privacy controls.

I do not advocate ever "friending" students. I know many people feel that once they have graduated, its ok. I disagree. I think that it is very important to maintain that wall between professional and private life, but I also recognize the need to re-connect with favorite students and parents after they leave your care.